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What are Negative Entities, Astral Parasites and Earthbound Spirits?

If you are feeling fearful don't read this page as I describe the sorts of astral beings I commonly deal with. My aim here is to spread some understanding, not to give you nightmares! Fear is not a helpful energy when you have an entity. The information here is all based on my personal experience and on how I am shown these things. Others may see things differently.

Earthbound Spirits are commonly termed 'ghosts' and tend to get people jumpy, however if we come across a spirit we need to remember that it is only a person the same as you or I, minus the shell of the physical body. An earthbound spirit has not made it across to the Light, often they don't even know they have died. There are many reasons why the crossing may not have been made after physical death and they may have been stuck for a long time. 

Sometimes the spirit is malicious, sometimes benign, in just the same way that some people are nice and some are nasty. Most Earthbounds can be helped over to the Light, although some need more persuasion than others. Full blown spirit possession is very rare, however spirits can influence thoughts and behaviours of susceptible people.

On investigation I occasionally find a past life reason why someone has a spirit attachment and these cases can be more complex to resolve, but they are usually satisfying as they can result in relief for the client and a final release for the spirit too.

Sometimes Earthbound spirits are finding their way in through a Portal, which is an energetic gateway. In these cases people have usually had themselves and their houses cleared multiple times by mediums and exorcists only to be bothered again. Until the portal is properly sealed the problems will persist. This can also be an issue where there is spirit activity that 'goes quiet' whenever someone sensitive is brought in to check the property. Spirits can nip through the portal to hide and emerge later when the coast is clear!

Earthbound Spirits are not the same as spirit guides who accompany you. Spirit guides are not bound to the Earth plane and have attained a level of wisdom that few of us in human form can claim. I do not remove genuine spirit guides, guardian angels or animal allies!

Negative Entities, or NEGS is an umbrella term in use that covers non-human energy beings with varying levels of intelligence that may deliberately attach themselves to humans. Some are merely mischievious, some just want a good energy feed, others are downright malevolent. 

Astral Parasite is a term I use to describe the many forms of energy parasites that feed off the human energy field. Like physical parasites they aren't usually especially 'dark', or even very aware, but they are hungry! Think of them as psychic leeches.

These parasitical creatures are very common, but are unlikely to be noticed unless the host is sensitive, or they grow large or numerous. At this point the person's energy becomes compromised and they will most likely display some of the signs listed on the Signs and Symptoms page.

In my experience they take many forms, but some are more common than others. Here are some of the regular forms that turn up:

There is a tentacled parasite that threads into the chakras to feed and can reach out with tentacles to pull additional energy from other people around the host. Often people instinctively give the unfortunate host a wide berth because of this, or friends and family notice they feel drained around them.

I see a slug like form that feeds primarily from one or more chakras and can grow huge, eventually draining much of the host's vitality. I have seen this type grow so big it forms a complete a loop right around the person's chakra system going over the crown chakra, down the back, under the base chakra and up the front. People with this size parasite usually experience chronic fatigue. 

There is very common jellyfish type parasite that feeds from chakras and a mulitple layered 'russian doll' formation that caps off the chakras.

I sometimes see black balls of energy that hang in the aura. If they multiply the person's aura can look a bit like Pigpen from Peanuts cartoon! As well as being generally irritant they can create holes in the aura which will cause the person to leak energy. Auric holes will reduce the natural protective function of the aura and may let more troublesome energies in. 

A more aware form looks like an astral serpent. These can cause a great deal of pain all over the body as they move around and through the host biting on the way. Sometimes these have been seen to breed and this can seriously compromise the health of the host depending on where the young are located in the body.

Some forms are quite rare and have only been spotted once or twice so far. One fascinating creature covers the head of its host and then sends barbed hooks down through each limb, so that the host looks like she has a 'stick man' running through her body. Another I've seen a few times is a caterpillar form that can grow so huge it looks like the host is wearing a hooded coat that trails behind them at the back.

There is one type of very dangerous entity which looks like a stingray and attaches to the chest over the heart. This form is potentially deadly, but fortunately it seems quite rare, I have only come across them four times. If sudden severe breathing difficulties strike someone who is normally healthy please ask me to check as soon as possible. Two of the clients had already been admitted to intensive care and were on life support before I was contacted, the other two were so ill they believed that they didn't have long to live.

All of these astral creatures have one thing in common, they feed on your energy. The more I do the more I see...it is an astral zoo out there!

Demonic entities often look like the classical gargoyles. They come in varying sizes, from small to much larger than the host. A mention of demons is enough to make most people quake with fear, which is of course part of the attraction for them. Don't be scared of them! I see them as doing their job for the Dark just as angels are doing their job for the Light. This doesn't mean you have to put up with them! Please remember that full blown possession is extremely rare - contrary to what you might see in the movies!

Extra-terrestrials and Implants I have been shown energetic implants that appear to be innocent looking lights, some of these are terrestrial in origin and some are extra terrestrial. The first time I dealt with one was nearly my last! At that time I didn't even believe in ET implants and ET contact with Earth. Now I know what they are I am considerably more cautious and I have also been assigned an Extra-terrestrial guide (one of the good guys!) to assist me if I need more help to remove them. 

Since that first case I have been shown different varieties of Implants and also sometimes the ETs themselves. I have had several cases of reptilian ETs to deal with. These can be very unpleasant beings that can overshadow their host.

My feeling is that the implants act like tracking devices for humans in a similar manner to the way we tag and track animals for research. Sadly we don't have any technology I'm aware of that is sensitive enough to detect these and people usually find them very debilitating physically, mentally and emotionally. People who have had ET implants are usually well aware of UFO and ET activity around them at some stage in their life, although they don't necessarily have memories of the implant being inserted.

I am an entity remover, not a doctor. If you have health concerns you should get them checked out with a qualified medical practitioner. Whilst we believe that entity removal can lift many and diverse symptoms for some people, others will have underlying physical and mental health issues that need to be addressed by a medically qualified professional.  

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